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Table of Us


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Review by Nick


This is a visually stunning cookbook that pulls you into the indulgence of authentic Italian cuisine with uncomplicated traditional recipes. The photography of the book compliments the recipes with stylized personal pictures from author Simone Agostino's past - capturing the essence of Italian culture. 


Simone showcases her talent here as a writer and an amazing cook - a special mention also goes out to her husband Daniel Agostino (Head of Design at the Brand Agency) who assisted with publishing this book.


Author's notes:


Simone Agostino : "A collection of heartfelt recipes from my family, to yours."


"My real love of cooking started when I left home. This is where I had the opportunity to explore in my own kitchen and create something special. Leading up to this, I was always surrounded by food – big families, European background. An abundance of people always meant an abundance of food. Little did I know my appreciation for food would soon turn into a love affair.


This book is merely a guide to give you the basic tools and knowledge to understand the connection between ingredients and flavours. This is my way of cooking, and I only aim to show you the way I learnt to love it. If I can provide you with only a small percentage of inspiration in the kitchen, then in my eyes, I have won."


The Table of Us is big-hearted, wholesome and uncomplicated. It captures the true essence of the Italian culture far beyond the recipe pages with images representing the beauty of the country’s architecture along with personal memories to accompany.


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In The Table of Us, Simone Agostino shares heartfelt recipes that she has spent years accumulating and perfecting. Whether it’s in your blood or not, Italian cooking can be embraced quite easily. It should be enjoyed right from the moments of preparation through to the moments of devouring. With simple alternatives provided, Simone ensures that even the most time-poor has the opportunity to create something wonderful.


Bringing all that and more to your table, this 208 page hardcover book uses simple produce to create bountiful flavours within approximately 70 delicious recipes. Whether it’s vegetarian, quick food or slow cooking you’re after, The Table of Us is not short on variety nor flavour.