Thursday Murder Club

Thursday Murder Club


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"It is Joyce’s voice that opens and begins the introductions to her fellow residents of the upmarket Coopers Chase Retirement village, and The Thursday Murder Club. At Coopers Chase you can join all manner of clubs or committees, but what could be more interesting than solving cold cases? For our four members, nothing. Intelligent, curious, and absolutely indignant that anyone should get away with murder they meet in the Jigsaw Room, (which is booked under the name of Japanese Opera – A Discussion, to ensure they are left in peace). Here they join forces and brain power, share wine and biscuits and rifle through old police files. Sounds macabre, absolutely not. Joy de vivre is writ large on every page of this novel.

To the unabashed and great delight of our septuagenarian investigators a murder happens right on their doorstep. Wine and folders in hand they set out to catch a killer.

Throughout the novel Osman’s point of view alternates between the first and third, allowing Joyce her own chapters to voice thoughtful observations. As a retired nurse Joyce has of course seen it all so as readers we can trust her, “I’m just Joyce, gentle, chatty Joyce, always has her nose in everything”. These chapters are very successful, they breathe life into her fellow characters. And it is a wonderful cast of characters. For me one of the great charms of this novel is that our four protagonists have lived well and loved well. Of course there are also drug dealers, dodgy developers, Polish builders, boxers, lonely police officers, children who worry, children who cause worry, everyone you would expect to populate a murder mystery. Shot through with humour, and set in a bucolic landscape this tale is a delight that reminds us of the importance of friendship, family, acceptance and love.

Sitting down with a cup of tea I opened The Thursday Murder Club on a wet Sunday morning, with a glass of wine in my hand and a smile on my face I closed it that evening having read it straight through. A truly satisfying read and as Osman says “his first, and, so far, best novel”."

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