Wrath of the Woolington Wyrm

Wrath of the Woolington Wyrm


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Kerry's Review


Mary-Kate Martin is an anxious child so it is with real trepidation that she follows her famous archaeologist mother into the English countryside to investigate a mysterious find. Bones have been discovered at the bottom of well, are they related to the mythical Woolington Wyrm?


Secrets, earth tremors, slime, are all things that Mary-Kate definitely doesn’t like but with her new found friend Arabella, she finds the courage to investigate the terrifying legend of The Woolington Wyrm.


A fantastical story brimming with adventure and mystery, and most importantly heart. Highly recommended for 7+


Other Reviews

'A deliciously thrilling mystery, full of heart, wisdom, wit and ingenuity.'

- Edwina Wyatt, award-winning author of The Secrets of Magnolia Moon

'Easily one of the most charming books for young readers I have come across ... A perfect balance of fun, fantasy, humour and innocence.'

- Katrina Nannestad, author of the Travelling Bookshop series