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Tripods – The White Mountain Series

Book 1 – John Christopher

This is a timeless masterpiece  of children’s science fiction. Although so readable, also good for YA readers too! Set in a world that has been dominated by an alien invasion, tall alien tripods tower over the villages of Britain. With technology now reduced to a medieval state, and the locals living in serfdom to their conquerors. Each kid at coming of age is fitted with a mesh cap that allows them to be controlled by their captors. All except for a few who escape to the White Mountains to join the freedom fighting rebels. Will and others meet a wandering vagabond who helps them escape from their capping, but wild adventures ensue on their dangerous journey, hunted, across the country to the mountain hide out.

The tripods series is a read which stays with you for life. Wonderfully written it is kids literature at its best. Book 1 now re-released, is once again available for new generations of children to enjoy. The themes are as relevant now as in 1967 when it was published. Action packed and riveting but without the dark and scary themes that haunt many of today's kids books. With a beautiful simple classic cover.

Every kid should read this series.

Review by Lindsay


Publishers Review

The original, YA post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller.

Nobody knows how long it has been since the Tripods came. Nobody remembers life on Earth before they enslaved it. Humans live in scattered farms and villages, kept quiet and obedient by the mind-controlling Caps implanted when they reach their teens.

Will Parker's time is fast approaching - but a chance encounter with a madman convinces him that it may still be possible to resist the alien masters. So begins a terrifying story of survival and defiance - and Will's journey to the White Mountains.

Biographical note

John Christopher (Author)
Christopher Samuel Youd was a British writer best known for his science fiction published under the pseudonym John Christopher. His many novels include The Death of Grass and The Possessors. He won the Guardian Prize in 1971 and the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 1976, Youd also wrote under several other names including Stanley Winchester, Hilary Ford and Samuel Youd.