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"Stephen Fry’s newest retelling of Greek mythology continues to entertain. “Troy,” is the classic story of love and vengeance as the God’s of Olympus play favourites in a devastating war of men. Fry retells this ancient story with such enthusiasm that you cannot help but be transported back to live this epic again line by line."


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‘Fry’s knowledge of the world – ancient and modern – bursts through at the seams . . . The reader will find themselves on a fun romp through the world’s greatest story’ DAILY TELEGRAPH

A wondrous new immersion in ancient stories we only thought we knew. Brilliant, funny, erudite, inventive, surprising and enthralling
— Richard North Patterson


Lively, humorous and intimate, this retelling has real charm * The Guardian *


Perfect for the 21st Century. Ebullient, funny, Fry retells the Greek myths with elegance * The Times *


Fry’s lively writing certainly conveys his lifelong passion for Greek myths…It’s a rollicking good read * The Independent * Praise for Stephen Fry