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Watership Down


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Gabi's Review

Richard Adams’ Watership Down is a timeless masterpiece depicting the intricacies of a skilfully anthropomorphised society of rabbits. Set in the English countryside, the novel follows the courageous Hazel and Fiver and their group of rabbits as they embark on a treacherous journey to find a new home. Through detailed storytelling and vivid descriptions, Adams brings their world to life, immersing you in their struggles and triumphs while breaking your heart.

The novel explores the themes of leadership, courage and the power of community by creating richly developed characters with distinct personalities and motivations. While commonly categorised as a children's book, Watership Down offers valuable and captivating lessons for all of us about resilience and the ties that make for a community. This enduring tale will engage readers of all generations, affirming its place as a must-read for anyone seeking an unforgettable literary experience.

Publishers Reviews

Fiver could sense danger. Something terrible is about to happen to the warren - he feels sure of it. And Fiver's sixth sense is never wrong, according to his brother Hazel. They had to leave immediately, and they had to persuade the other rabbits to join them. And so begins a long and perilous journey of a small band of rabbits in search of a safe home. Fiver's vision finally leads them to Watership Down, but here they face their most difficult challenge of all .