What You Can See from Here

What You Can See from Here


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Anne's Review


This is one of the most appealing and different books to come out recently. Although it is concerned with many of the devastating things that ordinary life inevitably brings like love, pain, joy and anguish, the essence of the book makes one happy, something so few books do today.


Selma, a woman in her middle age and one of the book’s main protagonists, predicts a death in the village if she happens to dream of an okapi, a zebra like animal. It has happened so many times before that the townsfolk take it very seriously and live in anticipation of the death waiting to take place.


But don’t mistake me. The town isn’t paralysed by this fact. Far from it. This is as I have mentioned a happy book and the variety of characters will keep you entertained until the end. It also hosts a most engaging giant dog called Alaska. I can just see you looking at each other and saying: She hasn’t told us anything about the story. You are right, I have only given you the outline to tempt you and left the full richness of the story for you to immerse yourselves in!


Publisher Reviews


Manages something only a few books achieve: it makes you happy’ Munich Mercury

‘A clear-eyed tonic in troubled times’ Guardian