When America Stopped Being Great

When America Stopped Being Great


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"This BBC journalist has written an explanation of the history of the US’ decline and the factors that led to President Trump’s election. Listing the errors of his predecessors and the build up of economic divisions, the author explains how Trump was there at the right time to use them for his own benefit. An entertaining account that gives you the whole story."


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'An elegant and insightful dissection of how a great nation lost its footing and the world's respect. The tragedy is made all the more stark by the genuine love of America in Nick Bryant's writing' - Leigh Sales

'Nick Bryant writes like a dream, and is one of those very rare things on TV - a man who makes you want to turn up the sound. His eye for description is sublime, and he has a way of showing you what you've been missing from the whole story, whilst never leaving you feeling stupid' - Emily Maitlis

'Bryant is a genuine rarity - a Brit who understands America' The Washington Post