When the Moon Hatched

When the Moon Hatched


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Darci's Review

When the Moon Hatched is the next big fantasy must-read. Sarah Parker is skilled in world-building, using highly descriptive prose that maintains a fast-paced plot, while leaving us compelled to read on.

In a land of fae, dragons, and elemental magic, Raeve is an assassin for the rebellion group known as the Fiur Du Ath. Fortunately for her, this quells the bloodlust simmering in her veins, retribution for the trauma and pain inflicted upon her in the treacherous Undercity. Unfortunately, it also means following orders to enact this murderous and gory revenge, and so long as this does not prevent her from personally flaying the skin from King Cadok's and King Tyroth's bones, she will follow them. Using her strong sense of justice, Raeve prevails at helping those crushed by the Kings' tyrant rulings of their kingdoms, until her actions lead to the death of the one closest to her. Now Raeve will stop at nothing until she tortures and slowly kills the person responsible, although inevitably this sets her on a path of self-discovery from which she might not recover.

If you are a fan of bad-ass FMCs and very detailed world-building, this book is a must. Parker has merged a world of alluring high fantasy with the strengths of modern contemporary fantasy works, that make her writing so popular. Immersive and heart-wrenching, this should be your next read.

Publisher's Review 


'An absolutely stunning fantasy world’ - Raven Kennedy, author of international bestseller, The Plated Prisoner Series

‘A wild ride that thrills as much as it enchants … An instant classic’ - Thea Guanzon, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Hurricane Wars

He's fire and brimstone. I'm shattered ice … I'll gladly burn beneath him until the world comes crumbling down.

As an assassin for the rebellion, Raeve’s job is to complete orders and never get caught. When a rival bounty hunter shatters her world, Raeve finds herself captured by the Guild of Nobles – a group of powerful fae.

Crushed by the loss of his great love, dragon rider Kaan Vaegor took the head of a king and donned his melted crown. Now on a tireless quest to quell the never-ebbing ache in his chest, a clue lures him into the capital’s high-security prison where he stumbles upon the imprisoned Raeve …

Together, they seek truths that threaten to unravel everything they knew about their world – and each other.

Bestselling sensation When the Moon Hatched will transport you into a world filled with magic, dragons and a love that blazes through the ages…