White Holes

White Holes


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Gabi's Review

My number one choice for 2023!

Outerspace for your Innerspace. If ideas about the dynamic forces of the cosmos pique your curiosity Carlo Rovelli is your ideal guide. Rovelli is not only a contemporary physicist working in unification theory, he is a gifted wordsmith.  Like Einstien, Rovelli believes art and science help us frame conceptual spaces and he uses literary references and simple everyday analogies to guide us through these grand concepts.

White Holes are a theoretical idea in physics that exist beyond the black hole's event horizon in a reversal of time and space resulting in a White Hole.

Up until now, the Singularity is where Einstein's laws no longer apply or are in argument with quantum dynamics. It has been assumed the fabric of time and space were pinched off at that point so to speak. What if we were told space time bounced into a quantum structure, a reversal of time and space. Nothing escapes a black hole and nothing gets into a white hole. Let us contemplate the newest theory around disequilibrium - WHITE HOLES. What if amid the dark matter, "billions upon billions of these tiny delicate white holes that reverse the time of black holes float lightly throughout the universe, like dragonfiles."  

These ideas may be grand abstractions but in Rovellis words they become a gorgeous, not a dry read.

Publishers Reviews

A mesmerizing trip to the strange new world of white holes, from Carlo Rovelli, the bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

Let us journey, with beloved physicist Carlo Rovelli, into the heart of a black hole. Let us slip beyond its boundary, the horizon, and tumble - on and on - down this crack in the universe. As we plunge, we'll see geometry fold, we'll feel the equations draw tight around us. Eventually, we'll pass it- the remains of a star, deep and dense and falling further far. And then - the bottom. Where time and space end, and the white hole is born . . .

With lightness and magic, here Rovelli traces the ongoing adventure of his own cutting-edge research, of the uncertainty and joy of going where we've not yet been. Guiding us to the edge of theory and experiment, he invites us to go beyond, to experience the fever and the disquiet of science. Here is the extraordinary life of a white hole.