Woven by Gold

Woven by Gold


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Publisher’s Review 

A Beauty and the Beast Fantasy Romance Retelling.

A curse that must be broken.

A human longing for home.

Four yearning fae princes.

A villain in the shadows.

Rosalina O’Connell has been exiled from the fae realm and sent back to Orca Cove, against her wishes. Betrayed by her own mate, Prince Keldarion of the Winter Realm. But nothing will stop her from returning to her true home.

When Rosie manages to tap into the magic of Castletree, and make contact with Prince Ezryn of the Spring Realm, she begs him to rescue her.

But when Rosie returns to the Enchanted Vale, she and the princes discover that there is a frost attacking the Autumn Realm. If Rosie can’t figure out how to stop it, war will be declared in the Enchanted Vale.

Can Rosie unearth the magic inside herself and save her princes and the Autumn realm?

The second book in the Beasts of the Briar series, a spicy Beauty and the Beast retelling filled with morally grey characters, a sinfully hot villain and a princess who has found her Prince Charming. All four of them.